Canada Is Not Allowed To Benefit From My Respected Family Name .

by | May 27, 2022

Canada is not allowed to gain advantage or get benefit from the Samara respected family name in any political, economic and military agreements or understandings. 


Aias[231] ® : Great- Great Grandfather [204] Race [27] . 

  1.  Think (62) Act (24) [86] Global (49) Local (43) [92] Base(27) Data (26) [53] = Samara[53] Think (62) Act (24) [86] Global (49) Local (43) [92] =  Samara(53] White[65] Name(33) Race(27) [60]  Base(27) Data (26) [53] .
  2.  Iam(23) Samara(53) White(65) Family(66) [207] Act[24].
  3.  CEO(207) Act(24) = Iam(23) Abdelhamid(59) [82] Professional[149].
  4. Iam(23) Name(33) [56]  White(65) Samara(53) Birth[57] = White(65) Surname [91] Owner [75].
  5. Exact[53]  Samara[53] Ideal(31) Name(33) [64]  Value[61]  = Infant[64] Identity[106] Value[61].
  6. White(65) Family(66)[131] Ideal[31] Real[36] [67] Name[33].

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