Generations Scope Is the Samara White Family Constitution.

by | Jan 27, 2022

Identity Power-Generations Scope

The generations scope is the Samara white family constitution fundamental principles. All-important it is straight to the point, and explicitly states the followings:

The sex of white humans, is genetically determined by the XY sex-determination chromosomes system where white male has X and Y, and white female has X and X.

Traditional marriage between a straight white male and a straight white female is the only path to form a one ideal, real and prosper family [Nuclear family]. Marriage is monogamous. All married couples are heterosexual and have children genetically related to the same parents. Both marriage and birth are registered through legal institutions.

The Samara white family believes in the sanctity of life. Samara also supports planned pregnancies right [right to contraception and planned parenthood for traditional married individuals = birth control = humanity & dignity = health& safety = legal]. The Samara white family does not support abortion.

The Samara white family believes that work is worship. work and education are human right , respect and dignity. The Samara Family supports law & order in daily life.


The Samara family members are united and keep a strong hold on these fundamentals, through both patrimony and matrimony descent lineage.

The fundamentals are what constitutes being a member of the samara family and instilled by ancestors and carried forth by generations. It’s rooted in the way samara members were raised and will not change forever. It is Samara white family rights and responsibilities.

Great- Great Grandfather [204]: =

  1. Think (62) Act (24) [86] Global (49) Local (43) [92] Data [26],
  2. Samara (53) Name (33) [86] Great (51) Soul (67) [118] = Samara [53] Birth (57) Name (33) [90] Value [61].
  3. White (65) Name (33) [98] Identity [106] = Permanent [106] Independence [98].
  4. Exact (53) Samara (53) [106] White (65) Name (33) [98].
  5. Perfect [73] White (65) Family (66) [131]. 
  6. White [65] Marriage [72] Soul [67] = White [65] Ideal [31] Real [36] Marriage [72] = Iam[23] Embryo (78) Fetus(71) [149] Life(32) =         Samara  [53] Human being [94] Birth[57].

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