The Samara White Family is Not from Canada at All Times

by | Jan 27, 2022

Aias231 Identity& Data Branding Founder

Samara white family ancestry, and generations are not originally from Canada. Canada is not allowed forever to gain any advantage or get any benefit from the Samara respected family name.

Iam Abdelhamid The Grandson of samara Family, I will not give CANADA the right to have the Birth Identity from my respected and valuable family name forever . 

This is a known fact. It is actual regardless of being a citizen of Canada based on merit, legal process, and paid immigration [Directly applied and paid from my name to the government of Canada].

I am Abdelhamid, the Samara white family grandson is following my white ancestor’s high-quality standards. 

Samara family ancestry does not exist in Canada by birth and Samara future generation will not exist in Canada by birth. 

Specifically, Samara does not exist, did not exist, and will not exist in Canada 10 provinces and 3 territories of federated state.

Therefore, this is equivalent to Samara ancestry and generation had no birth, no plan to have a birth and no plan to extend from:

.Prime Ministers of Canada, and Canada government officials, this includes politics, policy makers of all government hierarchy, police, military, intelligence, religious and Canada non-governmental business: private, public, sport and others sectors.

This implies Canada cannot create and not allowed to claim any direct or indirect link to samara ancestry and generation. 

Samara family is white and will be white from patrimony and matrimony descent lineage forever.  In other words, Samara white Family originated roots are not white Canada.

For this high purpose, Canada not allowed to use my name for generation and ancestry daily life policies, that support, source, provide or relate to the following:

  1. orphan, unknown.
  2. abortion.
  3. adoption, fostering and custody
  4. interracial. 
  5. homosexuality sex, gender orientation.
  6. inheritance, patrimony, ages & lifetime.

Straight to the point No nuclear family  policies can be linked to my respected name. This includes, Canada, bilateral and trilateral local and global relations.

Therefore, Canada is prevented to claim any benefits, or gains directly or indirectly from my family name. This is equivalent primarily but not exclusively, in any of the political, economic, and military agreements or any understandings.

As a result, in the event of any misconduct and noncompliance, a severe worldwide legal penalty will be imposed on both Canada public and private sectors.

Indeed, the declared statement is clear, specific, local, and global with zero ambiguity. Surely, the penalty will be strictly applied and boldly executed. 

All-important, Samara family had no Canada descendants, Samara birth identity is protected and secured, and all of that will not change forever

Finally, Samara white family name proprietorship rights implies that Canada and Canada policy relations, by all its levels on both local, and global are not owner, partner or own part, own share or can create or can claim any link to Aias231 Brand, through all the ages.

The Birth Identity declared statements are decisive, definitive, final and with authority.


Aias231®, Identity & Data Branding reserves all its legal rights in the event of any noncompliance.

Abdelhamid I Samara

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