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Constitutes and designates the Samara white ancestry legitimacy.

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Aias [231] ® Samara white family brand.


Aias231 Identity and Data intelligence Branding,

Aias231,  the product of my expertise in business and technology consulting. It’s, features and benefits are designed based on a selection of pre-built pages focusing on personal identity.

The power of identity through the birth name is definite, it is significant, dynamic, and made up of different attributes such as originality, and relativity.

Each page is an identity responsible intelligence (IRI) theme. It creates a system of identifiers and mapping rules that describe what’s important, make things, applicable and possible.

The IRI emphasizes authenticity and truthfulness. So that, it tells stories about numbers and shows the definitions of them through clear explanations. This helps connect words and assure continuity and distinctiveness.

Aias231, first to market and it’s impact is being  consistent in staying a head of the curve in structuring identity projects. It’s rooted for  partners, systems, and products, to succeed. For this purpose, Aias231, is building forward by taking the lead on identity and data branding.

Aias231, works as a chief  marketing officer for an intelligent  brand called ‘ME’. Therefore,it is important to own the right data through the right source and to have the roles and rules for access rights to it.

In summary, Once you have the data , it is all about features. 


About the president.

leads Kalmar & Partner advisory group, vision, and strategy since founded In 2007. Iam the CEO, initiator, founder, owner, and actual  president for Aias231 identity and data branding group since 2019.
Developed an outstanding ability to understand business requirements and architect systems that effectively implemented and consistent with corporate mission.

Challenges are feasible opportunities when viewed from various perspectives. CEOs Do first the best thing and COOs Do the things first better, both up to par, compel, drive value realization, broaden the scope, and constantly able to improve.

Graduated with a bachelor’s in computer engineering from Al Ahliyya Amman University [1996] . Holds joint Master of Science in Business Administration/ Leadership In International Context, from Kalmar Baltic (Smaland, Sweden), and Brest Brittany (Finistere, France) [2008].

Abdelhamid I Samara

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Identity and Data Branding.

Added Value and Active Partnership.

Tel: +1 857 250 3855

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